Sanctions and Export Controls

At the core of IEEE’s success is acting with integrity and complying with applicable laws. During the course of conducting business on behalf of IEEE you may, at one time or another, intersect with regulations that impose access, dissemination, or participation restrictions on the conduct of IEEE business and activities for reasons of national security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, or non-proliferation. Those regulations are generally trade sanctions or export control regulations referred to as Sanction Laws and may impact various IEEE activities including membership, conferences, awards, publishing and travel. Consequently, IEEE may not be able to provide certain services or transaction business with certain designated countries, entities or individuals. 

Use the links in the left panel to navigate and learn more about which Sanction Laws apply to IEEE and what you can do to ensure we comply with our legal obligations.

If at any time, you are unsure or would like more information please contact the IEEE Legal & Compliance Department: