IEEE Compliance Training

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The IEEE Compliance program and courses are tailored to IEEE's unique operation globally. They are designed to help you understand how these laws apply to IEEE, its staff, members and volunteers throughout the world and provide best practices for not-for-profit membership organizations like ours. Each module will outline the applicable IEEE regulatory or legal obligation and then provide scenarios and examples to help you apply the learning to your role at IEEE.  By completing these courses, you ensure you have the information needed to act in IEEE’s best interests, with integrity and in compliance with applicable regulations wherever you are.

Potential violation of the applicable laws and regulations could have a negative impact on the organization. IEEE's reputation could be diminished or damaged. IEEE operations could be adversely impacted with fines and penalties, lawsuits and even criminal charges.  For this reason, IEEE has mandated this training for all staff and certain volunteer positions under IEEE Policy, Section 9.31.


To learn more about the Volunteer Compliance Training Program please visit the IEEE Volunteer Resources page on or the IEEE Support Center to view Volunteer Compliance Training FAQs.